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. the county will get to use two mobile speed cameras to regulate traffic near schools in the first 30 days, drivers caught going more than 12 miles per hour above the limit will be sent a warning in the mail instead of a $40 ticket. better news awaiting you at the gas pump. adam may has more in the pump watch report. >> reporter: good morning, don. analysts say prices should fall more but don't get used to it. drivers give it a big thumbs up, gas falls under $3.50 a gallon. it will be a big difference for people like scott melton. >> i own a mall business. commuting back and fort each day, i spend about 8, 900 a month. >> reporter: he is hoping for a bigger drop and aaa says it's on the way. >> analysts are prospecting or predicting that gas prices will drop as low as perhaps $3 per gallon by the end of the quarter. >> reporter: refineries are switching to cheaper fuel blends and the economy continues recovering at a slow pace. aaa says americans are on track to spend half a trillion dollars in gas this year, the most in history. a new report shows americans are saving less to pay for pett
. it is actually u.s. one at the dam and it is all because of an accident that started out this morning with a tractor trailer that left a fuel spill, it is an accident that is gone. the fuel spill is expected to be there for some time, at least until 8:00 a.m. this morning. locking all lanes, take 95 and the bridge as the alternate route. meantime, if you head out on the main road, the roads are wet, we are watching for the accidents and other problems. there is a lock outside, north of the boulevard. remember, we are always on, for traffic information, log on. >>> thank you, here is what the people will talk about today, the murder for hire plot that could end in the death penalty for the man that pulled the trigger. more on the taped confession that spayd the jury. >> good morning. it took a jury just under five hours to convict walter bishop junior of first degree murder and we have a key piece of evidence that could lead to his execution. >> he turned his head, i shot and killed him like this. >> he talked about the murder for hire plot that went counsel m -- that went down towards
in oakland. around the state we're going to experience drying out. low pressure that brought us scattered showers is now moving out of the area. our daytime high goes up to 69 degrees, right around 70 starting off in the 40s and back down near 50. we'll have the forecast coming up. >> not one but two problems on 95. here is sharon gibala. >> that is right. one of them is a car fire. that is on 95 northbound. the second problem is going to be also in the northbound direction. that one is going to be at mountain road. watch for an accident there, that one in the clearing stages. an accident in the clearing stages at 33rd and the alameda. that is near 648 involving a car into a house. fortunately, no delays on the top side or the west side. there's a look at old court road. there's a look at 95 at 175. remember, wjz 13 is always on. >>> here's what people will be talking b -- b -- about. dr. riess as learned the fizz sicks pre-- physics prize. the nobel prize with a local connection. >>> the search for who shot a federal employee yesterday. this happened outside the social security complex i
sure, u.s. 40, that's a new traffic camera. looks hazy. there is a live look at 83 at warren road. wjz13 is always on, log on to wjz.com. >>> here is more information on the fire on newberry street, firefighters are on the scene of a two alarm blaze at the mount washington tavern. there are no reports of injuries or what started the fire. the fire in to mount washington tavern in the neighborhood of the same name. >>> the case against ulysses currie is expected to be handed to the jury. andrea fujii is live. >> reporter: good morning everyone. it's all going to come down to what the jury believes, did currie make a mistake with sloppy paper work or sell his political power? >> are you feeling confident about the trial? >> no comment. >> reporter: ulysses currie could face jail time in the jury agrees that he took nearly a quarter of a million dollars in bribes from shoppers food, between 2003-2008. it's been more than 3 years since the fbi raided his home and the offices of shoppers food alleging he used his power to benefit the stores. >> they went through the house room by room and g
at trial. >> it is horrible for us and could not be easy for them. >> of all the steps of grieves, i have not left anger. if i could say anything to her, it would be why. the prosecution is seek ago life suspects for her. >> that trial is expected to last eight days. a man is behind bars, charged with the murder. the washington police arrested the 20-year-old after he was founds dead in his cab in the morning there. investigators think robbery was the motive. >>> an incident happen saturday night after the southwest airlines plan landed from orlando, but no one was hurt in the accident in the end. >>> the price prices were expected to fall, but they are foing pack up. the national average wept up about 50% in the last few we cans and we can expect that trend to continue. >> the regular price for a gallon of regular -- . >>> the president will head out west and look for ways to help the economy and new rules to encourage new home refinancing and changes in the school lents. that will include nevada, california and florida minor on his trip. >> the white house sent a letter, requesting a de
and the father of the girl in the tape spoke only with us >>> reporter: they are investigating that video and the father of the 14-year-old girl said she never knew it was all over the net. the act on the baltimore city school property, students as young as 14 involved and it is all over the net. we blurd the faces. the father of the 14-year-old girl said she did not know she was being taped and now he wants to know why facebook, twitter and you tube let it stay up for four days. >> they did nothing to protect my daughter. i'm furious! any parent would be. >> other parents were outraged. >> i could not believe it! >> i was shocked. it was terrible. i wonder, what is happen wing the young lady >>> reporter: all of the teens involved in the incident are students here at douglas high school, but the officials said it did not happen here. it happen outside of a building not used for instruction. the city schools are work wing the families involved to be sure that they get the support they need and the girl's father hopes someone will pay. >> the one that is taping, i hope he is sent to prison
, the rain is coming down on us. that is a shot from the harvard camera? it is not near pie. >> we are here for the first morning in traffic. damp morning, shaping up and the people are showing that later. on the radar, he with have the rain concentrated on the within of the area. >> with you from the west side, up to 29, we will have more on this, over tornado clum clum, we have effieer rain. thunder and light nipping in the city, but we will see in lear. 59 object the shore and and 52 in oak land. we will be warm, but hock for us about twses. child with rain and drizzle, then it will have things come inning in a few minutes. >>> how about traffic? >> plenty of that rain and fog on the cameras. a new accident, slowing from 795 to 95. a lock at 29 at 102. that is in and out for now. remember, for the traffic information, log on. back to you. >> thank you, breaking news, a ross the strait, issued in foam goam county, an 11 year old has -- issued in montgomery county, now the 11-year-old has not been seen since the 17th. his mother car is missing. if you have information, call 911 immediately
moving across the northern tip of our area, bringing us clouds, warmer air dictating what we are going to see later today. partly sunny, overnight lows around 52 with partly cloudy skies. periods of clouds tomorrow, 72 degrees your daytime high, your complete first warning forecast scumming up. >> >> last time we talked, sharon was working on a half dozen accidents or just about. here she is at "wjz" traffic control. >> we still have a bun of of them. we can actually show you a live look at one. 50 eastbound the. at one point, all lanes were temp pairry blocked. we are looking at two lanes blocked. only the right lane getting by. at the seven river bridge in the eastbound direction. in evidence sex, there is a crash of williams at southeastern terrace and two more accidents, south highland between odonnel -- that one in the clearing stages. there is a look at your speeds. 95 runs smoothly if you are looking outside. 95 southbound at 32 and there is a look at 95. it looks like there is something going on there in the middle of the screen there. we'll have to find out what that is in jus
the ramp from south bound 24 to 95 closed. you can use the ramp from north bound 24 to access south bound 95. as far as the rest of the area, we have absent accident, there it is on the southwest sited of the beltway. as far as the beltway itself, easy driving in and around and no problems to report on the harrisburg express way north or south bound. let's go take another live look, as you can see. >>> that ramp is closed off, for the most accurate information, you can count on us, back to you. >>> thank you. here is what people will be talking about today, it is the start to a new era after the death of moammar gadhafi. the rebel forces captured and killed the leader. millions of americans celebrated the death of moammar gadhafi into the night, waving american and libya flags, across the world, thousands took to the streets as the fireworkses lit up the night sky. this video shows his final moments a live. the rebel forces captured and shot him thursday as he tried to escape his home town and they drug him in the drain ditch after he fled in a convoy. he is expected to be buried today, q
of the new maryland s.p.c.a. commercial. we have the director with us today. this is so bafflely done, it is! >> it is stunning and we were fortunate to have people donate their time and services to make that happen. it is seen here in slow motion. we were so four on the original music. >> there were so many australian shepherds that already knew how to do this, the champion is page. good to see you. this is page's owner, his mom, tell us about page. he has been every where lately. >> we are getting more media attention. she is a $4 year old border colonel low. -- border collie. >> she has been on letterman? >> she has. we did that and she fixed some breakfast there. >> you want to come over and conclude for hey? >> right. >> you could see that on line by googling for it. >>> what was it look to be getting ready for the big role. >> i know page is well trained, but there was some tough competition and we were just lucky to be picked. >>> panel will soon have a star on the walk of fame! come on page! page is spinning now! loves that! . >> that is really something! >> you can interview page. >
. >>> there are rights to use the park. >> it is up to the mayor and everybody at this fours, to set down and work in piece it will go other maces if we cannot stay here with eu9. many around the country have been impressed by her and their relaying ship. >>> other on this crip, the judge said that the theme and everything about it was orange neigh. -- -- -- >>> this is a homer from the bottom of the $6. the tigers won it, been and the rally in st. louis yesterday, giving the brewers have black of wins. >>> it is tied up in pop blame i hope -- there is an over sized ferry to deny mark, it creased a huge wake and keeping the area in paradise. the waves don't last that long. >> you wait for a ship to come in and then you go onto a surf board and then? there you go! >>> waiting on the wave any way. >>> in the raiives we hit the heat of the day at about 4:00. cloudy and mild and what we have here, we will see the rain. the nice forecast, glad to you hear it. . >>> a report with the gibson and how are doing. >>> i'm amused by strange things and the moscow rally is coming town to the rink, the grown fro
with this report >>> reporter: good morning. the police said that the woman used bleach and ammonia to attack a woman and that together can cause a toxic gas. you have seen the warning on the bottle of bleach. a 33-year-old woman decided to use it as a weapon saturday morning at the walmart on washington avenue. >> the suspect took bleach and ammonia and threw it on the woman and the two chemicals together caused a haz-mat scene for several hours. >> it is shocking! >> it is not in her nature to be violent >>> reporter: her neighbors said that this is not the woman that they know. >> she is a hard worker and does not mess with anybody and helps in the community and takes care of her children >>> reporter: this incident after a dispute with the victim dating the exboyfriend of jefferson. >> she is a very good neighbor and does not mess with anybody. she mind her kids >>> reporter: court records said she has a honoring rap sheet, domestic violence and drug possession. >>> the temperatures are being held this morning in the 350,000-that are bond. >>> after police responded to a call on oak stree
and that breeze is nice and it is not going to be chilly as a result of that. the low pressure that brought us the clouds and the light drizzle most of the last week or so is still in the view, but it is moving away nicely, the high pressure is over west virginia and that will be over the high and the high will be over that for the next week and into the future. we have the front that will sort of drift back down and it is a back door cold front, dropping the temperatures tomorrow, for one day. warming up, the temperatures up to the 70s and tomorrow in the 60s and then we will be near 80. there is the tropical storm, the winds are 65 miles per hour, this is with all indications moving from the mainland u.s. and the sun set will be today with a small craft advisory through 6:00 p.m. and going up to 73, sunshine, the normal is 70, we will be above that. we will be below the normal and at 68 tomorrow, starting the run of warm days and 70 on friday and 76 on saturday. >> some unusual things in and around rush time this morning. here we are with the traffic control. >> good morning. they should cle
are getting up and joining us, it is not an april fool's joke on halloween weekend, a winter storm watch for these counties -- . >>> it is more than windy on the way to work, we have more on traffic control -- the wind warns if you head out, we have the wind warns, and on the bay bridge, delay free and 95 is at full speed. there is some more volume out there, but it is looking good, the east side, it is pretty empty with the wind warnings over there. the traffic report is brought to you by toyota center. visit your toyota dealer. . >>> parents and others want answers from the company that promised vies from raven players. >> much of the money was raised by students in fundraisers and now the parents said it is gone and the company that took it will not return the phone calls. >> this is at the three -- the big name raven stars speaking out to kids -- he is gone for a baltimore touchdown. >> that is what dozens of schools said they were promised. >> it is great. >>> they paid $600 for the program that never happen. >> they have not given us back our money. >> this is a company that market
-- . >>> our news director will like this. that is the technology used to make bum be. that is happens to be our directer's nipple name. . >>> we are live in can to this morning, getting ready for the thing, participating in the great sees caw peek and we will >>> we have some lighter rain out there. taking a break from 83, but it will return. the southern part of the shore, drizzle, more to the north and this is an area that will make its way to western maryland in the next few hours, looking it over, the light rain out there, the rain picked up since then and will continue through the day. as the storm is coming up from the south, kicking up the winds from the northeast, up at times today, keeping down the temperatures, a warm start to the day, but not going up much from there. >> there is that storm, moving to the north and getting out of here tomorrow. another storm will come our way. it is over the middle of the country, the chance of showers tomorrow and then on friday, before the storm moves out. when it does, looks like we will dry out for the weekend and the cooler air with th
for william mcquain but found nothing. >> the hope is that he's still alive. however, we are using teams and people experienced when the person is deceased. >> reporter: police arrested lopez in north carolina where they said he fled after the murder. police found another woman driving mcquain's suv and found mcquain's credit card and a box cutter in the hotel where they arrested lopez. they also found 18 copies of their marriage certificate. he had a violent past and told neighbors show was afraid of him. authorities have not given up hope that william mcquain is alive but the odds grow slimmer with each day that passes. police plan more searches for later in the week. mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> as of today lopez has not been charged. >>> police determined the body found at trash dump is a loy yes a student. she was fond in the park charles apartment. there are no signs of foul play but police are awaiting an autopsy. last year a man died after falling down the trash chute in the same building. >>> one person is hospitalized after jumping out a second floor window. this happ
us. >> they said it was a grass roots effort to root out verty and unemployment. >> i saw what happen with the foreclosings. >> this is considered ground zero for tun rest and wall street. protesting there, the police clashing with demonstrators. they heard the message, but blame each other. >> congress is locked in concrete for political reasons and the republicans just want to get rid of obama, even if it is loseing the strength of this great nation. >> it is a tribute to the economic policy of obama's policy, a president elected by the left that is arguing about his policies. >> the president said he got it -- the people are frustrate $9 --d, the protesters are giving voice to a more product-based frustration over how the financial system works >>> reporter: some are saying that this is a liberal answer to the tea party,. >>> more on the unemployment numbers for september, analysts expect there to have been a gain of 59,000 jobs, compared to none in august. that would keep the unemployment rate steady at $9.1% -- one city neighborhood is on edge after a string of violent crimes the
action was prompted by university of maryland women's basketball coach frese whose son uses lam-- leukemia drugs. >> sell them four to five times, i think if it's not criminal, this should be made a crime. >> cummings has opened up a tip line for price gouging. for a link to this go to wjz.com and click on news. >>> a beloved couple who touched the lives of hundreds if not thousands school children have been laid to rest after a fire tore through their baltimore home. monique griego has more. good morning. >> reporter: the couple first met hear -- here last students in the 1950s. several decades later fate would bring them together. hundreds filled morgan state university. the couple died when their house caught fire. >> they will be sorely missed. >> reporter: 80-year-old jennye was a retired teacher and principal and a 60-year member of the delta sigma theta sorority. >> they have affected the lives of many, many people. >> reporter: 78-year-old donald also graduated from lower gan state, was an educator and became stawnts superintendent of city schools. he belonged to the ome
victims were unable to fight back >>> reporter: his parents spoke to us after john's death. >> i believe in karma, it will come back to you when you do something evil to someone else. >> they said that the guards did not shack el the inmate and the jury ruled four officers were negligent and one grossly negligent. >> we need to do something about this and until then, there will be 50,000 more kevins. >> the state will file some post trial motions. >> two officers were fired after that death and a third was able to retire and the other two disciplined. >>> in east turkey, the crews are back looking for earthquake survivors as the total is near 300, but five more people were pulled out alive today. 279 people are dead after the earthquake, 1300 others are hurt and they are fearing that the death total could rise since an unknown number of people are trapped. >>> the ousted leader moammar gadhafi was buried overnight. he was captured and killed last thursday, that after 42 years in power. his body was on public display before he was buried in a secret location out in the dessert. >>> the se
head to head in california and the tent city there was torn down, the police used the tear gas to control the angry crowds. in dallas, the police put the protesters on the ground after they lost access to the downtown bank and some were dragged into a police van as they were taken into custody and in chicago, at least 100 demonstrators were led to jail after they would not leave a downtown park. >> we were here three weeks without a permit. what is different about tomorrow. >> today could be a very different day, the city hall said that camping here on the square is not legal and some protesters said they will stand strong. >> if we get arrested, fine! >> the mayor's office released a statement to protect the protester's right to free speech, but the square is not a camp ground and overnight camping is prohibitd. the police will deal with this case-by-case. demonstrators said even if they are kicked off, they will not be silent. >> they can try to stop this area, but they cannot stop the movement >>> reporter: several people can come together here in the day. protesters i spoke
. >> the workers at the complex asked us to leave the property. many people are afraid to take out the trash. >> i'm moving! >> >> they said there is no obvious sign of foul play at this time. >> friends went to a mass on monday night. >>> a man was arrested for a shooting of a 21-year-old that robbed and shot a man after he left his girl friend's home on st. paul street. the suspect is out of jail after posting a 375 -- 275,000- dollar bond. tainted can't lope should be out of stores, but 28 people have died from listeria. >>> the hopefuls for president were squaring off in vegas last night and the gloves came off >>> reporter: all bets were off in vegas. the republican candidates went head to head. >> rick, you have had a tough few debates, rick! >> i'm speaking >>> reporter: the debate heated up last night as the two governors clashd over illegal immigrants -- you lost your standing, you hired gran grapes in your home and knew about it for a year. >> if someone has a record for illegal immigrants with illegal immigrants, it is you! >> most polls show mitt romney is till st front runner, but the
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